About The Author


Where I live: New York City, New York

Where I’m from: San Francisco, California

What I do: part-time blogger, full-time student

What is my coffee order: espresso

What I would eat for my last meal: a LOT of my Nonni’s gnocchi

What animal would I be: an antelope



Briana Augustina, the blog, is a collection of thoughts, outfits, and coffee shops curated by Briana Augustina, the person. When I’m not blogging or in class, I lead what I think is a pretty cool life in a quaint New York City apartment (I really do mean quaint). I am currently learning Italian. I cook as a procrastination method (forever trying to perfect poached egg recipe). I find coffee-brewing and list-writing meditative. I’m working on being a better parent to my plants. I’m in search of more Czech pastries in the Greater New York City area. Welcome to my little internet condo.


For business inquiries and all other inquiries, email briana@brianaaugustina.com