Finally Wearing Color

Ciao da Milano! I am writing this from my favorite chair in my apartment (it’s right by a heater!) already missing California’s warm winters where coats are optional. It’s currently 40 degrees here and raining so while I’ve cooped up inside, I finally had time to work on these photos and reminisce about a week ago when I could wear a sweater and no jacket and my bare ankles between my shoes and jeans wouldn’t be cold.

But alas, I am in Italy and truly cannot complain. Since writing my 2018 New Years Resolution/Goals post, I just wanted to update you on my resolution to wear more color. As you can see in the photos above, I am wearing green. While scrounging through my mother’s bountiful sweater collection, I was drawn to this avocado green (seemed to fit with this Wikipedia’s description of shades of green) cashmere turtleneck. It was simple and I liked it, a rare response from me to pieces of clothing that aren’t of a neutral color palette. It is now in my capsule wardrobe that came with me to Italy (thanks, mom!).

Tucked into dark wash vintage 550 Levi’s felt akin to something DJ Tanner might have worn on Full House (maybe it’s just the bangs?). I added high-top leather Vans that I had forgotten about until a recent closet purge. Thought they added a little something.

I’m still working on the whole color thing in Milano. It seems the Milanese love neutrals as much as I do..More to come.


x. Briana





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