New Year, New To-Do List

It’s January 29th when I’m writing this, so you might think I’m about 29 days late to write a New Year’s Resolution post. However, I feel like the New Years mentality has mostly worn off as February rolls around the corner, but I’m not ready to give up that new beginning feeling. Studies have shown that we thrive on new beginnings. We are intrinsically more inclined to start projects or set goals for ourselves at a beginning—of a new day, a new week, a new month, and especially a new year. I’m a sucker for the fresh start, clean slate feeling.

So this year, I decided to write my New Years resolution post almost a month later to keep that feeling alive. I also did it to check-in with myself. I spent the past month adding and deleting items on my New Years resolutions/goals note on my phone. While I love a good vague resolution that falls somewhere along the lines of “be/do better,” I was trying to keep mine tangible and realistic. While last year, I fell into the trend of not wanting to conform to a resolution at the beginning of the year because I assumed that I wouldn’t follow through with it and maybe I would just be disappointing myself. However, as the year trudged on, I found myself wishing that I had something like a resolution or list of goals that I could use to check-in with myself and see how I was doing—to see if I was doing/had done all that I wanted to do.

My mom pulled out a list on a 3×5 card last week that she had kept in her purse since January 2017. It was a list of goals that she hoped to accomplish and things she hoped to do in 2017 that she had been crossing off as she powered through them. She flipped it over to start hers for 2018. Some items transferred over that didn’t get crossed off and some were copy and pasted because it was more of a recurring goal. When I was writing—or typing—mine this month, it was nice to be able to add to it when I thought of something new or amend something when it needed to be a little more specific. So below is a list of my 2018 resolutions and/or goals for the new year:

  1. Be more decisive – I suck at making decisions and then usually tell people that so they will make a decision for me, which perpetuates a not so great cycle


  1. Write a few short stories or personal essays. Submit them somewhere


  1. Cultivate my music taste – possible with a little help from my friends, as The Beatles say


  1. Wear more color (!!!) – My closet has become a neutral haven and I’m starting to get bored.


  1. Watch and read the classics (movies & books)


  1. Get my feet fully on the ground during downward dog


  1. Run at least two races—one in Italy


  1. Do some art – I bought myself a sketchbook that I’ve done a great job packing with the intention to use it and a horrible job using it.


  1. Meditate


  1. Go on a trip by myself


I narrowed and combined my Evernote list down to 10 goals/resolutions. My intention is not to become an entirely new human being upon publicly publishing some things I’d like to do in 2018, but instead to have something to refer to in order to keep myself accountable to doing the things I told myself I wanted to do.


P.S. I’m posting this from the London Heathrow Airport and am en route to Milan. This blog may or may not become a travel diary, but stay tuned because travel pics and stories are fun!


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