What to Wear for Recreation


On my last me-day, I purchased these leggings from Outdoor Voices. I’d been eyeing them for a while because they are extremely comfortable (almost excessively so because I should probably stop wearing them and do laundry) and they are the color “oatmeal,” which sounds cute and is a unique color for a pair of leggings.

Outdoor Voices is very keen on curating pieces developed for “recreation” and #doingthings. In the spirit of #doingthings (and Thanksgiving), I spent the weekend in Napa, California. Leggings typically clash with the Napa Valley aesthetic, which is filled with large brim hats and a lot of prep in everyone’s step. But I wasn’t wearingΒ these leggings to fool people into thinking I was going to the gym later. I was wearing them recreationally, in an every day setting, because I like the way they look. So thus, my goal became to style them in a way that looked intentional.

I settled for a light neutral palette, complementing the oatmeal with cream, beige, and white. This sounds like I’m preparing breakfast, but I swear it’s an outfit in the making. The turtleneck (similar here) was a choice to ward off any questions about that aforementioned workout. The socks were another lesson in intentionality to complete the outfit. “Borrowed” them from my mom’s closet and happened to take them back to New York. They’re pretty happy here (and honored to be included in this look). The shoes really embraced the dirt in the vineyard, but their worn-in look seemed to fit in.

Go out and start #doingthings kids. Maybe bring a dog along with — I’ve been missing mine and we’ve only been apart 2 days.


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