Bang Bang! The Cut of the Season

Styled traditionally. Blow dry with a round brush and hairspray to hold.

A distinct part. Blow dry in two sections with a round brush. Follow the direction you want each section to fall.

Styled casually. Blow dry with round brush and hairspray to hold. Add texturizing spray or just separate with your fingers.

After every time I get my haircut, my hair at some point reaches a length I can’t stand. It’s like that awkward in between of growing it out, but before it’s actually close to being grown out. When I hit this point, the thought of a haircut consumes me and it does not rest until I walk out of the salon refreshed by a new short cut.

This time, however, the thought of a blunt short haircut (my “usual”) was not enough. Suddenly, the thought of bangs entered my mind and I could not shake it. With a little encouragement from friends (and friends with bangs!), reassurance that hair will in fact grow back, and some Pinterest inspiration pictures to bring to my hairdresser, I walked out of the salon this time with a new short cut AND bangs.

They took a little getting used to and require a bit more maintenance than my usual hair routine (by hair routine I mean towel drying my hair and letting the air do the rest), but sometimes I now wonder who I ever was before bangs. Bangs and I are now one. They are SO fun and versatile. They don’t love the wind, but we’re working on that.

If you have the luxury of having bangs, above are a few styling tips I have picked up thus far in my bang journey. P.S. I swear I am more excited about these bangs than I look in the photos above.




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