A Me-Day in the Life

These are all photos I took this past Wednesday (you would know this if you follow me on Instagram). I had myself a DAY. I’m a firm believer that burnout is a real thing and mental health days are integral to remaining sane and balanced. “Me-days” are an essential cure for stress, homesickness, hangovers, and just feeling a little off. My me-days are trademarked as “Bri-Days” and grant me dismissal from most responsibilities and are a scheduled day to hang out with myself–I think I’m pretty fun to hang out with.

I woke up and did spin at the gym and came back to my apartment ready to start my day. I treated myself to almond flour pancakes (recipe here) with our favorite local Vermont maple syrup and made coffee (not pictured). From Columbus Circle, I took the A train downtown to Canal St for my first stop: Maman. Maman is a French café and is delightfully cozy and delicate. I put my phone on Do Not Disturb, sipped on my matcha latte and let myself just be, a foreign concept to me as of late.

I marched about 30 feet down the block to Outdoor Voices, took a mirror pic of my outfit, indulged in some retail therapy and bought a pair of OV leggings (to be featured SOON). P.S. Really into that new foot-pop pose. Are you?

From there, I strolled through SoHo until my fingers were too frigid and my pockets no longer provided ample warmth. The side streets along Spring St are my favorite. I like to admire the buildings with aesthetically pleasing fire escapes and decide which window marks the destination of my future home.

My last stop was the Spring St subway station where I boarded the train and reflected on the lovely day I had.


Happy Weekend! Go have yourself a day.

xo briana


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