How to Bundle Up in Boston

After feeling like I needed a little escape from the Concrete Jungle, I made an impromptu visit to Boston to explore the city and most importantly, visit my friend Remi who lives there. I stepped outside to the arctic tundra and wondered hopelessly if I had missed the window for fall. I looked at my weather app that read 30˚F, but I had to quickly put my phone back in my pocket before my fingers froze. But we had less than 48 hours left in our weekend visit and were determined not to let the cold hold us back. We stopped in Beacon Hill to take these photos and gaze in awe at homes that made my college student bank account shriek.

My outfit appears to be mourning the loss of autumn, but my typically minimalist style is accustomed to monochrome. In wearing patterns and colors, those elements present themselves as the main event of the outfit. However, I find in wearing more neutral colors–and a lot of them–I’m compelled and challenged to create interest and express craft in other ways. The cold weather provided me with an excuse (and necessity) to bundle up. I found warmth in playing with proportions amidst an all black ensemble. Wide-leg pants balance a fitted mock-neck top. A black puffer (confession: this was borrowed from Remi’s roommate because I didn’t pack appropriately for freezing temperatures) added volume and seemed on theme without overwhelming the wide-leg pants. Or rather, maybe it was overwhelming and my dropping body temperature inhibited my vision so that I didn’t mind. Even while wearing the outfit, I began my search for a similar jacket (@Patagonia help!) to add to my winter wardrobe.


  • When you’re feeling burnt out or a little overwhelmed, escape! (catch flights, not feelings).
  • Boston is extremely cool and felt like the San Francisco of the East Coast (a perfect remedy for homesickness that is thousands of miles closer to NYC).
  • If you’re there, go toΒ TattΓ© Bakery for brunch in Fenway and treat yourself to dinner at CoppaΒ in South End.
  • As winter fluctuates between being here and there, wear a puffer jacket with wide-leg pants to defy the odds of proportion.
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  • juice mongrono
    November 15, 2017

    catch flights not feelings is my new motto

    love ya & the look

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