Caffe dell’Appartamento – Chemex

The Goods: 6-Cup Chemex, Chemex filters, La Colombe (purchased in D.C.) Ethiopia

Step 1:  Boil water(~205˚F). Pour hot water through the *clean* filter and empty (this preps the filter for use and removes any paper taste that may interfere with the flavors of your coffee)

Step 2: Grind your beans (a medium-course grind is best ~ should be a texture like kosher salt).

Step 3: Pour! For the first pour, go in a circular motion outwards. For the second, pour inwards. (This helps ensure all the grounds are saturated). Pour one more time to the top of your Chemex. Now wait!

Keep waiting..

Step 4: Remove filter and pour into mug of choice! Mine is one of Andytown’s Dino mugs 🙂

Coffee has become an integral part of my morning ritual. Drinking it for the added caffeinated energy boost is only half the charm. Choosing my coffee mechanism of the day, selecting the chosen one from our collection of mugs, then deciding between an array of coffees from across the country (Maddy, my roommate, and I try to get coffee from any new city we end up in). I am a horrible decision maker, but every morning, these decisions are cathartic rather than anxiety-inducing. When we moved into our apartment and compiled our coffee equipment, we quickly realized that our Aeropress, Bialetti pour-over, and Bialetti Moka Express all had one thing in common: they were for one person. Enter: the 6-Cup Chemex; perfect for morning brewing sessions when Maddy and I are both in the kitchen (or when one of us is need of a little extra caffeine kick).

For a more detailed brew guide, click here.

Tip: Put Chemex on the stove (on simmer) to reheat if it gets cold while you’re enjoying your first cup! Set a timer for a couple minutes or watch it carefully to ensure it doesn’t burn.

Brew, pour, sip, and enjoy!

xoxo BA

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