Vincetta SS18 Preview

In my blog re-launch, I wrote about transparency. Notions of complete transparency in the fashion industry is few and far between. So for the sake of transparency, I will be devoting more posts to sustainable fashion. Vincetta has a special place in my heart as I got to work with Deanna, the designer, this past summer.

Vincetta is making slow fashion dreamy in their beloved silks and draped silhouettes. The minimalist design and neutral colors are right up my alley and I have a running wish list of Vincetta pieces.

I recently visited Deanna and previewed the beautiful Vincetta SS18 Collection. All summer, I saw the initial fabrics, the rough designs, the thorough fittings. This weekend, I saw everything finally piece together like a puzzle (a prettier puzzle than any of the ones I’ve completed).

Vincetta uses natural and organic fibers and incorporates deadstock material whenever possible (deadstock is essentially leftover fabric as a result of over ordering). The intention is minimalism in every sense: color palette, design, curation. She works primarily with a woman-owned factory in Greenpoint, Brooklyn where their quality is on par with their passion for what they do.

With that to keep in the back of your mind, I give you a preview of Vincetta SS18. I wanted the photos to focus on the details because thatโ€™s what Vincetta does: focus on the details involved in every step of the production process. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

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