How to Wear Black & Khaki: Everyday


Welcome to the new and aesthetically improved Briana Augustina. You made it. It’s been a little while. I’ve been contemplating a blog update for a while now, but wasn’t sure what I wanted to change and whether or not I was using it as a procrastination method that would just distract me from studying and posting more often. They say not to fix what’s not broken, but I felt like my blog was a little cracked. And I’m a perfectionist. Sometimes to a fault in which I feel like giving up for fear that the quality of what I produce will not live up to my own standards. So when my blog needed a little tape, I went for a full renovation because that’s what I do. The fonts and layout have changed, but so has my perspective on where I fit into all of this.


I’ve always considered myself a writer. In 5th grade, I asked my teacher for writing prompts to work on in my free time. Kind of dorky or kind of cute; you decide. A huge component in my creating this blog in the first place was the appeal of having a slice of the internet with which to share my voice. Now most of the writing I do is in the form of business analyses in the confines of a classroom. I haven’t been writing as much in the way I would like. I feel like I’ve lost my edge.


Somewhere along the way, I decided that my day-to-day ramblings are not of interest to most people who will scroll through my curated selection photos hoping to find only a quick blurb with product links. I ran out of ways to write that I threw this outfit on one day, liked it, and then probably wore it 3/5 days that week. There is no real process to my getting dressed. Sometimes my process is staring at my closet for arguably too long only to decide that I have nothing I want to wear except that outfit I already wore yesterday. Fashion is fun, but I feel like a “bad” blogger when I’d much rather zip up vintage Levi’s and a white t-shirt (my mom thinks its boring). Maybe that, however, is my personal style–a niche that relishes in the minimal.


This look felt like the right outfit to re-launch with. It is almost unbearably plain, but if this was an enforced school uniform, I would happily oblige. There’s something almost refreshingly simple about black and khaki. They pair together like my parsley plant and windowsill (that is to say, perfectly).

Everlane Pants, Aritzia Shirt, Vans Shoes


So here’s to a new chapter of Briana Augustina, the blog and the person (me). I will not make promises of posting daily because sometimes I have four classes and a couple meetings in a single day. When I get home to the comfort of my white bedspread, removing myself from the sheets seems like an unconquerable task. I will promise transparency because the fashion industry and the internet world could use a little more of that (I’m also working on finding clothes that can be transparent with us, too!). The first note in that transparency: I think I’ll wear this outfit tomorrow.





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  • Merrell
    September 20, 2017

    This is a wonderful post and I have much appreciation your day-to-day ramblings fyi!!!

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