What to Wear in Wine Country


If your mom ever has to go to Napa for a work commitment, I recommend volunteering yourself to keep her company for the drive. I wore this outfit out to dinner by myself while she was at aforementioned work commitment. The shirt is by Lavai Maria and I purchased it at the designer’s stand at the Grand Bazaar NYC on the UWS. She designed it for a girl power themed flea market event. It’s made from an upcycled t-shirt and is brilliant. I rolled the sleeves for a more polished look, which the red suede pumps helped even further achieve while the slightly oversized vintage Levi’s bring a more casual element.

Okay. Now for the food to accompany the fashion. We brunched at The Southside Cafe and sipped on cappuccinos and ordered avocado toast and tomato-on-ricotta toast (Yes. I know. Deep breaths. And yes. It tasted like love). We came home with heirloom tomatoes from a farmers stand to keep the two-day trip alive.

*Recipe idea that I made yesterday morning: sliced heirloom tomatoes, salami, and a poached egg. Top it off with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper!


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