The Only 5 Wardrobe Essentials You Need


I asked my dear friend and also roommate to take LinkedIn headshots for me one day because as a college student, that’s something we do. However, the photoshoot turned into some cool pics I thought I’d share here. I couldn’t get myself to put on a suit or even just a blazer on for the photos–apparently I only allow myself to wear suits or blazers ironically. My outfit was simple yet showcased my style in what I consider to be basics.

Sneakers. Jeans. White t-shirt. Leather jacket. “B” necklace. That’s all. There’s a lot of talk about minimalist wardrobes or “capsule” collections as of late (more to come on that VERY soon) and I’ve decided if my wardrobe consisted of only these 5 items, I’d be over the moon and would know what to wear every day. Though it could be argued that what I wear everyday are pretty much just variations of this exact look.

So lets go through it:

  1. Sneakers. Why? Comfortable, always. Perk of these black Supergas? The black canvas doesn’t get as dirty as classic white leather sneakers.
  2. Jeans. Why? They’re the American definition of casual, but not quite leggings.
  3. White t-shirt. Why? It looks clean. Note: my mom still warns me of my tendency to spill things ALWAYS when I’m ready to purchase a white clothing item, so tread with caution.
  4. Leather jacket. Why? I’ve decided the motorcycle-style of this particular one is classic. Not into animal materials? Technology and fashion have great faux and vegan alternatives these days.
  5. “B” necklace. Why? It’s a personal embellishment that has sort of become a trademark. Don’t want a necklace? Wear a bracelet, a pin, a broach, a ring, anything really, and make it yours!

What are your 5 wardrobe essentials? Let me know in the comments below!

xoxo B




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