Food & Fashion Soup Dumplings and The Puffy Shirt


One day recently I came across a NYC Dumpling Map on the internet. Since then, I had been craving soup dumplings, which I have never had. So I dragged a couple friends to Chinatown this weekend to embark on what would be a dumpling adventure at Noodle Village. We all had soup dumplings in the back of our mind, but we ordered a bit of a variety to fully immerse ourselves in the experience. Chicken fried rice (possibly the BEST fried rice I have ever consumed), not-one-not-two-but-THREE orders of Steamed Shanghai Soup Dumplings, Pork Chive Dumplings, and Fresh Ginger Ale were our final picks. Nothing disappointed. Everything was divine.

I also make the case for soup dumplings to be a mindful activity. In the Koru practice of mindfulness, the goal is being present. Mindful eating can qualify as such a practice. My case is based in the fact that soup dumplings require almost a series of steps in order to be fully appreciated. Step one: pick up dumpling with chopsticks or other utensil and place dumpling gracefully on spoon. Step two: take a very small bite from the side of the dumpling and proceed to enjoy the flood of soup that flows from the dumpling. Step three: eat the remainder of the dumpling enjoying every second of it! There, you have done it; you have been mindful while undergoing a foodie experience.

As for what I wore for this dumpling adventure, I pulled inspiration from Jerry Seinfeld in Seinfeld’s episode entitled “The Puffy Shirt.” I actually bought this shirt on the basis that I could channel Jerry every time I wore it. My family, while they are avid Seinfeld fans (we are indeed a Seinfeld family, sorry Friends), questioned my shopping choice a little, but in the end I think they are proud. I also wore it to a Chinese restaurant, if you may recall “The Chinese Restaurant” episode…

Go out and enjoy soup dumplings and Seinfeld. Both are definitely worth the hype.

xoxo B

Blog photos taken by Jessica Taylor Photography. Seinfeld image via Tumblr.



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