Prince Coffee House Bronx, New York

Take a stroll down Arthur Ave. in the Bronx and you’ll come across a few things. Italian restaurants, some grocery markets, a few bars; all seething with an Italian and Albanian influence. But keep walking! On the corner of Arthur Ave. and Crescent (right before 183rd), glass windows enclose Prince Coffee House. Upon walking in, you are greeted by copper Turkish coffee pots hanging from the ceiling. It is a specialty of the shop and a personal favorite.

Turkish coffee is finely ground beans brewed directly in those copper pots on the stove. The grounds are essentially steeping in the hot water, which gives them enough time to settle to the bottom of the pot. The Turkish coffee pot is served directly to you along with a coffee cup to gradually pour coffee into from the pot. Since it is steeping, the coffee also has a strong and unusual flavor compared to most. You can order it to your preferred sweetness level where sugar will be added during the brewing process, or opt for it without.

For a day of studying, my look erred for athleisure and grabbed a pair of leggings, while keeping the rest similarly simple and comfortable: a black turtleneck and a classic trench coat. Not pictured: brown penny loafers to jazz up the look a bit.

xoxo B

Oh! Last thing: order the tiramisu, you deserve it. Leave any questions and comments down below!


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