Tweed in San Francisco ft. the O bag

blazer turtleneck pantsshoesbag

I’ve been back home for a couple weeks now and while I expected to come home to sunshine in the Golden State, I was greeted with cold winds and lots of rain. My New York wardrobe has enabled me to dress for the cold at home that I am unaccustomed to. While the rain held off this particular day, I channeled all my energies into warmth on this day.

I established warmth mostly in the colors: lots of browns in the tweed coat and penny loafers and a warm-toned grey turtleneck (turtlenecks = warmth + happiness!). The look reminds me vaguely of a prep school boy in the 1920’s which I am not at all upset about.

As for the bag, this one hails straight from Italy. This summer, I saw an O bag draped over the arms of copious stylish Italian women on the streets of Milan and Bra. After deeming them a trend there, I was gifted this one for Christmas and now have two in my collection (the other will be featured soon!). The O bag‘s are unique in their customization and overall aesthetic. The rubber-ish body is sturdy and weatherproof, while not looking overly industrial. You also have the option to mix-match the color of the body, handles, and the inner lining. I would 12/10 recommend these to anyone and I’ll be wearing mine for almost everyday of the rest of my life (new year, new me, new bag). This particular one is the Classic body shape.

xoxo, B


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