Food & Fashion  Ruby’s Café and a Red Lip

My roommate and I recently headed to Ruby’s Café for lunch and then stopped at the New York Public Library. At the first aforementioned location, I ordered an ah-mazing salad with a soft boiled egg on top which is truly the perfect addition to any meal. My roommate got a burger that also had an egg on it and it was also delightful. I highly recommend Ruby’s burgers, I’ve even taken my mom here so they are mom-approved burgers. At our next stop, we were only served with books and lengthy study guides, but we survived and the New York Public Library’s Rose Reading Room served as the perfect study space.

When getting dressed for the day, I looked into my closet like any other day and noticed an astounding lack of color. This day, however, I decided to embrace my monochromatic wardrobe wholeheartedly. Black was the neutral of choice and to my statement piece was this oversized leather jacket. I added a turtleneck layer because 1) duh and 2) it protected me from the brisk New York air.

The main event of this look are the red lips. I opted for a fresh face and just red lips to maintain them as the focal point. I also love the bright orange-reds for this season.

I guess you could say I have officially succumbed to the New York City uniform of all black, but I’ve accepted it and deemed it my uniform for 2017.

What are some posts you’d like to see this year?

xoxo, B


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