Café Kafíčko  Prague, Czech Republic

Located a minute-walk from our hotel in Prague, Café Kafíčko resides in a corner space that works perfectly. From the outside, you are granted a slight view of the coffee shop through white barred windows with decorative planters. When you walk in, you are most likely greeted by an elder man, the owner of the shop. He speaks predominantly Czech, but we were able to communicate perfectly after he understood that I did not speak and handed me an English translation of a menu to replace the Czech one I received upon entering. I ordered an espresso each time I visited–which in total was about 5 times in 7 days.

The espressos (you have a choice of different espresso origins) are served in hand-painted espresso cups with varying blue and white designs. Your espresso comes accompanied by a similarly hand-painted cup of steamed milk, a small glass of water, and a unique “Café Kafíčko” chocolate. Each part of this arrangement was amazing, which is partially why I ordered it 5 times, each on different occasions. I brought my parents here and also came alone. There is no wi-fi which makes it a haven for books and journals. On my last full day in Prague, I sat at a table by myself with only my journal, accompanied by three other girls throughout the space doing the same.

I like to think I became friends with the owner–I really think we were pals by the end because he stopped asking my order about the 3rd time I went and just brought it out smiling minutes after I sat down. It was the kind of place I would stop by every day if I were to live in Prague (maybe one day, we’ll see)! On my last visit, I also was able to pick up one of the espresso cup and plate sets (hand-painted by a Czech designer!) and take it home with me 🙂 Dobrá káva! (Good coffee!)

I hope you enjoyed this post and visit Café Kafíčko if and when you are meandering around Prague next! xoxo B.


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