Gucci in Prague

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I walked into the Gucci store in Milan on Via Monte Napolitano and quickly responded to familiar Italian greetings as I made my way to the shoe collection. I originally went in there for these, I walked out of the store with a crisp black and white Gucci bag with these babies inside. While some people grow plants to test their level of responsibility and their ability to care for something, I bought myself some shoes. Maybe if I click my heels together in these, I’ll end up back in Milan?

Ironically, I bought these Italian beauties my last day in Italy, so the first day I wore them was in Prague, Czech Republic. I wore them with a beige linen suit to emulate a similar look I saw on the back of many a vespa. I even found my own vespa to use for the purpose of these photos.

As my first adventure in them, I walked around the streets of Prague hoping to find my own little haven amidst the fairytale-like streets of the city. I found a few favorite cafes and a couple little spots to just sit. Keep your eyes peeled for more Prague posts this week!

While this is an insignificant detail, this post is sans-makeup. This is mainly because of two reasons (if you care). 1) We woke up pretty early every morning and it was one less thing to deal with. 2) My face looks like a lot of people here so I thought I’d embrace it and go au naturale.

Hope you enjoyed this post and these shoes! Comment below if you want to see more ways to style these loafers or if you have any specific post you want to see in the near future! xoxo B


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