Brunch and Ensemble: Friend of a Farmer

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In line for brunch at Friend of a Farmer, we spotted a rustic red-colored building laced with vines. A wide stairway and romantic gate led us to huge doors that I one day hope to use as I enter my home. It was 75 degrees in New York and I found a dress in my closet that resembles frayed denim that everyone so loves these days (not excluding myself). I haven’t discussed this particular bag on my blog much, but it is the Coach Ace Satchel and it fits everything from a book to a medium-sized dog. And while I’ve been weaning myself off of sneakers that everyone and their great-grandmother’s cousin seems to be wearing these days, this pair has neon and I couldn’t resist.

I currently have a love-hate relationship with sneakers as a whole. They offer the comfort and support of marshmallows under your feet, but has their reign as the “it-shoe” ended? Ballet flats and Gucci slides are currently rounding the final lap of the shoe race and just beat sneakers from the inside route. But hey, some pairs are still hip. Shop the pairs I think you can still get away with:

I also put on longer black socks because they felt unexpected and cool. They shielded my ankles from any wind and shielded everyone else from more untanned inches of my legs. Luckily, my brunch dates, Olivia and Corey, didn’t mind.

Brunch at Friend of a Farmer did not disappoint. The menu prides itself on Farm-To-Table service and features an array of dishes, but primarily egg options (I’m not complaining at all). We started with the Fruit Mix, which entails a plate of fresh fruit with a maple cream sauce. Post-fruit coma, I ordered the Working Farmer omelet, Olivia ordered the Salmon Bennie (salmon eggs benedict), and Corey ordered the Eggs Benedict. All were exceptional and complemented the farmhouse aesthetic of the restaurant. Go now and tell your friends. xoxo B.


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