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I typically associate trench coats with the way so many female characters have taken them off to reveal very little underneath. I, however, took a more sartorial approach to the trench coat. After finding a trench (ON SALE!) that crossed off all the requirements on my list (I really did have a list), it dawned on me that I want to wear this piece for the entirety of my existence. In all honesty, you don’t really need to wear anything underneath–it’s THAT great.

However, to emphasize the perfection of the coat, I opted for simple basics to complement it: a pair of black jeans and a white t-shirt. To avoid the plague of basicness and elevate the look, I wore a pair of black slides (socially-acceptable slippers). I learned the hard way that these shoes are not, in fact, meant for running. I learned this whilst sprinting through Grand Central Station one minute prior to the train’s departure. Update: We made it.
The other half of the “We” I just mentioned is Lea who is a really cool gal. If there was a picture above with a face you didn’t recognize, it’s her lovely visage. To conclude this post, I recommend going to a store and buying yourself a trench coat. It will change at least your outfits and at most your entire perspective on life. Best of luck. xoxo B.


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