How to Bundle Up in Boston

After feeling like I needed a little escape from the Concrete Jungle, I made an impromptu visit to Boston to explore the city and most importantly, visit my friend Remi who lives there. I stepped outside to the arctic tundra and wondered hopelessly if I had missed the window for fall. I looked at my weather app that read 30˚F, but I had to quickly put my phone back in my pocket before my fingers froze. But we had less than 48 hours left in our weekend visit and were ...


Vincetta SS18 Preview

In my blog re-launch, I wrote about transparency. Notions of complete transparency in the fashion industry is few and far between. So for the sake of transparency, I will be devoting more posts to sustainable fashion. Vincetta has a special place in my heart as I got to work with Deanna, the designer, this past summer. Vincetta is making slow fashion dreamy in their beloved silks and draped silhouettes. The minimalist design and neutral colors are right up my alley and I have a running wish list of Vincetta pieces. I recently ...


How to Wear Black & Khaki: Everyday

'   Welcome to the new and aesthetically improved Briana Augustina. You made it. It's been a little while. I've been contemplating a blog update for a while now, but wasn't sure what I wanted to change and whether or not I was using it as a procrastination method that would just distract me from studying and posting more often. They say not to fix what's not broken, but I felt like my blog was a little cracked. And I'm a perfectionist. Sometimes to a fault in which I feel like giving ...


What to Wear in Wine Country

  If your mom ever has to go to Napa for a work commitment, I recommend volunteering yourself to keep her company for the drive. I wore this outfit out to dinner by myself while she was at aforementioned work commitment. The shirt is by Lavai Maria and I purchased it at the designer's stand at the Grand Bazaar NYC on the UWS. She designed it for a girl power themed flea market event. It's made from an upcycled t-shirt and is brilliant. I rolled the sleeves for a more polished ...


Fresh New Kicks

White and denim have become an inseparable pair in my wardrobe, so I am debuting them on the blog with an outfit of classics. "Minimalist" would accurately describe the astounding lack of color and variety in my closet, but I've come to appreciate it as a style of its own.   Enjoy! xoxo B photos by Jessica Taylor Photography


The Only 5 Wardrobe Essentials You Need

  I asked my dear friend and also roommate to take LinkedIn headshots for me one day because as a college student, that's something we do. However, the photoshoot turned into some cool pics I thought I'd share here. I couldn't get myself to put on a suit or even just a blazer on for the photos--apparently I only allow myself to wear suits or blazers ironically. My outfit was simple yet showcased my style in what I consider to be basics. Sneakers. Jeans. White t-shirt. Leather jacket. "B" necklace. That's all. ...