How to Stock a Dorm Fridge

How to Stock a Fridge1

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Yesterday I tried my best to be an adult. It wasn’t easy, but I made it out alive with a brown grocery bag in hand. I rode the subway back with a Whole Goods bag nestled between my feet and a grin on my face because I could cross another thing off of my week’s to-do list like a real adult! I won’t lie and say that I didn’t get pushed around a little in every aisle or try and say that I didn’t stare at 37 different Greek yogurt variations for about ten minutes only to walk away defeated and yogurt-less.

When I got back, I happily unloaded my groceries into my mini-fridge and it looked surprisingly filled with vibrant fruits and vegetables—very much like the way my fridge at home looks after my mom goes to the produce store. If you are also not at home and restricted to the confines of a very compact version of a refrigerator, here are some ideas on how to stock your fridge. I would also like to preface with two things: 1) There’s dots on our fridge door that appear to be mold, but I scrubbed at them and can attest that it is not mold and I am a hygienic college student and 2) the almond milk appears to not have a cap because it indeed does not have a cap because as I was walking back from the store, it dropped and we lost some milk and the cap because it broke.


1. Choose fresh and healthy combinations as meal substitutes

Choose things that can be easily prepared within a dorm room. My easy snack ideas include red peppers and spicy hummus (just to spice things up) as well as bananas and almond butter.

I also picked up two ready-made mini-meals. Quinoa and Taboula salad are perfect options for when you don’t have time to leave your room to get food. Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and other grocery stores typically have things like this that are already prepared and ready to toss on a plate and grub on.

2. Stock up on berries as an easy study snack

Blueberries, especially, are packed with antioxidants to help fuel late nights studying when the cafeteria is closed and you aren’t up to walking up the two floors of stairs to the microwave or kitchen.

3. Make hydration accessible!

Coconut water (while not always a crowd favorite) is full of potassium and hydrates you better than water. Keeping a large bottle in the fridge makes it easy to pour in a glass during study breaks rather than noticing there’s no water bottles left and the water fountain is a floor above you. The Smart Water bottle doesn’t always contain intelligent H20, but refilling it and keeping it in the fridge ensures that I always have cold water available.

I also recommend keeping some sort of milk beverage—I prefer almond milk to keep things non-dairy. This is great for smoothies or late night lattes.

(Side note: I picked up this vitality shot by Juice Generation to cure a cold I felt brewing—The Defender: lemon, ginger, turmeric, oil of oregano, cayenne pepper)

4. Find enjoyable alternatives to chips

To keep things slightly healthier, I like to find alternatives to chips that I actually like. For me, I find that plantain chips do the trick. They are still slightly salty and have a nice crunch, but don’t leave me feeling like I made a poor health decision.

5. Keep good breakfast food in your dorm

While it’s way easier to snack on Lucky Charms in the morning, which turns into the whole day, I have limited myself to keeping more health-conscious breakfast options. Instead of cereal, I can have granola and almond milk (I 10/10 recommend the Kind brand granola) or if I am feeling something lighter, I can spread almond butter on a banana.

6. Treat Yourself!

I picked up a dark chocolate bar with sea salt to snack on throughout the week (or in one sitting) because I can’t deprive myself of chocolate. I also restocked with honey that I add to my teas, granola, or bananas for a sweet kick. You deserve it.


I hoped you enjoyed my attempt to be an adult and even scored some tips for your next try at conquering the grocery store (overwhelming, but you can do it!). xoxo B


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