While the title of this post mirrors the name of a popular cooking series, this instead refers to the current state of my hair. I did a similar post (link) showcasing the aftermath of my excessively long tresses, which no longer touched the small of my back. However, this post is slightly more extreme as the length of my hair can now be described as the height of my turtleneck. I procrastinated the inevitable cut over Thanksgiving break, but with each passing day I found myself twirling what I wished was shoulder-length hair. When the time came yesterday, I made the cut. If you are interested in this length and style, ask for a blunt cut (no layers or angle) that hits in between your chin and your shoulders.



My first reaction post-chop was that it was a total mom-haircut. This is in part due to the fact that my mom has hair about this length and that I was wearing a camel pea coat that resembles something a cool mom might wear to their kid’s soccer game on a brisk day. (Note: I just remembered that my best friend’s mom recently cut her hair to about this length as well to solidify my argument for mom-hair). That said, once I played around with it for a bit, it began to feel more like me. I photographed a few different no-heat styles to determine the potential variety my new hair had.




1. Straight and Sleek

To start, all I did was blow dry damp hair to achieve this first look. The straight locks are all natural, no flat iron necessary. I played around with putting it behind my ears, which surprisingly completely changed the look. Behind both ears and a little tousled is my favorite way to wear it currently (also the most practical).







2. Half-up Bun

Next up, is the coveted man-bun, or woman-bun, or half-bun (more gender inclusive). I started by gathering the top half of my hair. I then twisted this section and wrapped it around itself in order to achieve the bun-shape that you are probably very familiar with. I secured it with a hair tie and bam—we’re in business. This is perfect for a casual up-do, especially since a ponytail at this length looks more like a stub of hair at the nape of my neck.


3. Accidental Waves

The following look was accidental as I took down the half-bun and the hair that was previously twisted created very loose waves. Add hairspray to ensure they last longer than the five-minutes that mine lived.

Comment below if you are interested in seeing more ways to style short hair!

xoxo B

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  • Merrell
    January 7, 2016

    Hi you’re beautiful pls teach me how to style my hair xoxo

      January 7, 2016

      Anytime <3

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